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Handsfree calling with your Mac using bluetooth

Keep your phone in your pocket.
Dialogue brings you handsfree calling through your Mac.

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Record your calls

Never forget your client's feedback or an assignment from your boss. Dialogue lets you record your conversations to play them over and over again.

At this moment you're not able to record calls due a bug in Mavericks. Apple is working on a fix. Read some e-mails about the bug.

Flawless integration

Dialogue is integrated seamlessly with your Mac. It's there just when you need it. And because Dialogue is always in your Mac's menubar, you can make calls in a split sec.

Most phones supported

All iPhones are supported, just as every Android and Windows device we've tested. Many online casino games are also supported on iOS and Android devices. Most Neue Casinos online offer mobile apps or optimized mobile websites that allow players to play their favorite casino games directly from their devices.*

* Is your bluetooth 2.0 phone not compatible with Dialogue? Contact us, so we can talk about a refund.

Headphones recommended

For a good and stable audio quality, you need to use a headset while making phone calls with Dialogue. We're using the Apple EarPods.

Fixed in version 1.2, now available.

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Built by Zebraa (Emiel Janson) + Jelle Ages and some overwhelming Obviousmatter power.